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The Ego Style Electronic Cigarette



This type of electronic cigarette is a larger type of electronic cigarette and is usually the type of model used for vaping. This is not like the traditional electronic cigarette where it resembles an actual cigarette, rather this one has a larger tanks that can easily hold 3 good days of vaping ecigs.


This type of model has a number of benefits from other types of electronic cigarette such as:


One of the best things about this model is that you can easily buy e-liquids that come in different flavors and nicotine strengths. Furthermore, you can even mix them to make your own concoction. But even more importantly, you do not need to experience the hassled of reordering as often as you would with the traditional e-cigarette. This model allows you to stock up of various flavors of liquids to last for quite some time.


Another main advantage this type of e-cig has is that you have the ability to ramp up the voltage in order to have a stronger throat hit and more vapour production, which are both equally satisfying.


Three Piece Design
This model comes with 3 pieces: the battery, tank and the atomizer. They have the same components as the traditional two piece e-cig, but the tank and atomizer are in separate places unlike in the traditional e-cig where these two pieces are held together inside the cartridge with e liquids.


The main advantage of this three piece design is that you can easily replace the atomizer when needed without having to replace the tank as well. This is especially useful since the atomizer is the first one to burn out before the liquid is completely drained. With the ego style e-cigarette, you have the option to change the atomizer as soon as you feel that slightly burnt taste.


Battery Options
This type of model also allows you to have different options on what battery you should use. You can either go for one that has a sleeker look with a slim battery or one that is slightly larger and can last for days up to weeks for light users.


The ego-style e-cig is the main electronic cigarette used by many people for vaping because it allows you to tailor your vaping to your own style, preference and frequency of usage. This is probably the most recommended style of e-cig for those who are bored with the traditional cigarette look and want to have a more personal vaping experience as a whole.