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Vaping & Electronic Cigarettes



The dangers associated with smoking has led to many people wanting to quit. Due to this manufacturers are becoming more innovative and producing cigarettes which are less harmful to one's health.


Electronic cigarettes is one of these latest innovation. The E cigarettes resemble the real cigarette, they also produce artificial smoke but they do not contain any tobacco. This kind of cigarette the user inhales a vapor containing nicotine, the vapor has smoke but it does not contain the harmful ingredients found in tobacco which causes harm to the user's health or the people around.


Nicotine cartridge is found in the electronic cigarettes, the cartridge produces nicotine liquid. When the smoker inhales the liquid nicotine it is turned to a vapor. With the E cigarettes when a smoker inhales the vapor from the liquid nicotine or e cig juice, it produces a small light which is either orange or red, this gives the user the same feeling as smoking a real cigarette.


The electronic cigarettes have many advantages over the real cigarettes, first the nicotine cartridges come in different strengths that is normal, medium and minimum strength. The smoker can continuously reduce the strength of the cartridge until they quit smoking if they wish.


Secondly the manufacturers are able to cut on cost, one nicotine cartridge can last close to 20 cigarettes. For the users the electronic kit is expensive when buying it but in the long run it is cost effective.


Another major advantage of the electronic cigarettes is that the electronic cigarettes produce smoke and are inhaled from a cylindrical object, this gives the user the same feeling as smoking a real cigarette. The nicotine vapor give the users a nicotine hit in seconds unlike in real cigarettes which takes minutes. The smoke produced by electronic cigarettes does not cause any harm. Users can smoke in public places like clubs and pubs. Nonsmokers do not have to worry about the effects of somebody next to them smoking, might have on their health.


They are many imitations of the electronic cigarettes which are been produced, it is advisable to go for a brand which is reputable. Imitations can have long term effect on your health, since they do not undergo testing from the various authorized organizations.


The E cigarettes are becoming very common and most people are opting to use them. They are environmental friendly and a healthier option since the smoke produced by them does not contain any toxins. For anyone planning to quit smoking they should consider vaping electronic cigarettes.